My patients weren’t born with perfect genes. They simply learned how to remodel their environment (nutrition, movement, mindset) so the genes they were born with are no longer such an issue. 

Below are testimonials from my patients who have chronic fatigue. See how functional medicine has helped them in their own words.

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Please note: since all patient encounters are held in the strictest confidence, the testimonials below do not include names or pictures.

* Disclaimer: The following testimonials represent some of my patient's individual experiences. Your results working with me and/or with a Functional Medicine approach may vary.


After 3+ years of chronic infections and fatigue—and twice as many doctors—Dr. Stagliano figured out what was wrong with me. Better yet, he healed me! I have tons of energy and feel better than I did when I was 20!
— C. from Berkeley, CA *
I found Rich online and was very hesitant to consult with him; but, after the free phone consultation, I decided to move forward. He helped me uncover why I was constantly feeling exhausted. I ended up taking time off from work to heal and to reflect on how I had been living my life. What I love about Rich is that he is nonjudgmental, is extremely supportive and caring, and is genuine and honest about what he can do for you. I highly recommend him for your care.
— V. from San Francisco, CA *

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