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Initial Evaluation: $825

  • Case review and preparation (questionnaires and prior medical records/labs results)
  • 2 hour appointment (in person only)
  • Lab testing recommendations
  • Initial treatment plan (including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations)
  • For more details on the initial evaluation please click here.

Treatment Programs: $425 per 50-minute visit (prepaid discounts are available for 3, 6 or 12 visit programs).

  • Review of your progress implementing your individualized treatment plan
  • Recommendations for and analysis of follow-up lab testing
  • Refinements to your treatment plan (as needed) and detailed action plan updated after each visit.
  • For more details on what a treatment program includes, please click here.

Minimum number of follow up visits: Dr. Stagliano requests that you commit to working with him for at least 3 follow-up consultations, to be scheduled every 2-8 weeks depending on the complexity of your conditions/goals. 

Supplements and Laboratory Testing: The above fees are only for Dr. Stagliano's professional services and do not include the cost of any recommended supplements or laboratory testing. Please note, he is generally on the conservative end of the spectrum with his recommendations for both. You will receive a discount on supplements and pay the lowest cost available on laboratory testing because we do not make any profits from supplements or laboratory testing.

Insurance Policy: Live Fit Medicine operates as a self-pay medical practice. This means that we do not accept health insurance, we are not a participating provider with Medicare or Medicaid and we will not file insurance paperwork on your behalf. We can provide you with a detailed statement (Superbill) that contains diagnosis and procedure codes to assist you with possible insurance reimbursement, however, we cannot assure you that any of Dr. Stagliano services will be reimbursed. 

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