My patients weren’t born with perfect genes. They simply learned how to remodel their environment (nutrition, movement, mindset) so the genes they were born with are no longer such an issue. 

Below are testimonials from my patients with general health and wellness concerns. See how functional medicine has helped them in their own words:

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* Disclaimer: The following testimonials represent some of my patient's individual experiences. Your results working with me and/or with a Functional Medicine approach may vary. 

General Health and Wellness 

Extraordinary doctor. I have worked with and consulted doctor’s since 1980. Dr. Stagliano actually listens with his entire being, not just his ears, and he listens to understand, rather than to just respond. I am looking forward to being coached on how I can be at cause over my well-being and learn how to properly care for myself physically. Dr. Stagliano’s thoughtfulness and generosity speaks louder than his words. I’m very appreciative to be in his service.
— J. from Napa, CA *
About one year ago, a friend and mentor of mine died rapidly and unexpectedly. As a result, I took a long look at myself and my life, and made some decisions. One decision was to, finally, learn how to eat healthily and actually do so. I didn’t want another diet. I wanted long term, lifetime changes. My trainer recommended Dr. Rich. And things have worked out, to say the least. He has given me the tools and impetus to use them to make healthy and nutritious choices. The result? I am energetic, super active and in the best shape of my life.
— A. from San Francisco, CA *
Meeting regularly with Dr. Rich has been very enjoyable and one of the most important steps I’ve ever taken for my health and well-being. Since I first met him four months ago, my cholesterol has dropped from 236 to 177 without changing the tiny dose of statin I was previously taking. I’ve adopted a healthier diet, easily lost 11 pounds of fat (from 20% of body weight to 15%), and my blood pressure, which wasn’t even a target, dropped to ideal levels.

When I first began seeing Dr. Rich, I had serious medical problems and felt that my overall health and fitness were deteriorating. I have now turned that trajectory around 180 degrees. Moreover, Dr. Rich and I not only talked medicine but reviewed all areas of my life related to health—diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, and stress. Those conversations have been catalytic, inspiring me to take action to greatly improve my quality of life.

Dr. Rich is a great listener and is personally very generous, friendly, sensible, creative, and supportive. Through Dr. Rich, I have felt strongly motivated to tackle each of my health issues one-by-one and to renovate other areas of my life that need attention. To assist me, Dr. Rich from time to time recommended experts in exercise and in clutter-control to improve personal efficiency. One thing has led to another, and I’m firmly committed and in action toward even better health and greater efficiency on multiple fronts.
— J. from El Cerrito, CA *
Dr. Rich is an awesome, conscientious doctor who truly cares about his patients - which can be very hard to find in this day and age. His practice focuses on optimizing patient wellness instead of just trying to deal with sickness after it’s too late. He is a wonderful doctor with a great “bedside manner” who genuinely cares about his patients! Very organized, professional, and caring!
— V. from San Diego, CA *
After many years of vigorous physical activity, but increasing weight gain, I went to see Dr. Rich. He completely re-oriented my approach to health and wellness by teaching me the value of building lean muscle, and the importance of healthy eating as a path to weight management, rather than merely cutting calories. As a result, I have enjoyed both eating and working out a great deal more.

My range of food choices has increased, to include more protein rich foods, and my range of physical activity has increased to include more weight training, in addition to my beloved aerobic work outs. The end result is more fun, and infinitely more effective. Dr. Rich’s personalized program and engaging style gives his patients the tools to manage independently, while at the same time providing the support and advice needed to adopt new methods and stay on track.

Information is power, and Dr. Rich empowers his patients to make the best decisions for long lasting health, wellness, and enjoyable lives.
— P. from San Francisco, CA *
Thank You Dr. Stagliano. Because Dr Rich thinks out side the box, he gets results other physicians can only dream about. Thank you and keep up the good work.
— R. from San Lorenzo, CA *
A Partner in Health. It’s true that Dr. Stagliano treats causes, not symptoms, but more than that he is a partner in health. Over the years I’ve benefited greatly from his thoughtful and natural approach to dealing with health issues; leveraging nutrition, exercise and mindfulness over medication. He’s been a pillar in helping me deal with chronic issues and improving my overall health.
— K. from San Mateo, CA *
Back to feeling Awesome! After doing a lot of research and having given up on the conventional medicine, I came across Dr. Stagliano. Fatigue, anxiety, headaches, clouded thinking, aches made my life miserable. Dr Stagliano is truly an outstanding Dr. who not only understood my health issues but managed to nail the causes in the first meeting itself and his medication has been working like magic. I am more than 70% cured in just 2 months and really hoping for a complete recovery soon. Truly a rare find!
— A. from Foster City, CA *
Excited and hopeful. I just had my first meeting with Dr. Stagliano. I was very impressed with how carefully and compassionately Rich tuned in to my health issues. I appreciate how Dr. Stagliano considers all of the integrative medicine research and combines that with careful consideration of additional possibilities when suggesting changes I can make to improve my health and well-being. For the first time in a medical consultation my anxiety issues were seriously considered as a variable in my health, and as a result I feel hopeful that working through the anxiety, with his help, will have beneficial effects on my overall health. I highly recommend him.
— I. from San Rafael *
Amazing! Dr. Rich is truly a life saver. He helped me survive breast cancer with not only amazing nutritional counseling, but also digging deeper into how my emotional health can keep me strong. He is an incredible listener, he is extremely supportive, and patient with someone like me who is Type A and can’t stop moving and driving forward. He’s made me a Type Z!! :)
— L from Daly City, CA *
What All Doctors Should Be Like. I’ve been on quite a journey with multiple health problems, loads of antibiotics, many doctors, & heavy anxiety. Things worsened over the last five years & I’m not even 40. I saw a few naturopaths, did tons of my own research, and then I found Dr. Stagliano. He was recommended to me & I’m so glad we connected. Dr. Stagliano is incredibly thorough, clear, & knowledgeable. He seeks to get to the root of your health problems & is well versed in his systematic approaches. I highly recommend him!
— A. from San Francisco, CA *
A Real Doctor. I have been getting my medical care from conventional medical doctors for most of my life. They have been treating symptoms, prescribing medications, and making me worse. Through research and reading and finding improved health through other means, I learned about Functional Medical Doctors. Through trial and error, I found Dr. Stagliano. He has gotten to the root causes of my health problems. He is knowledgeable, understanding, patient and a great educator! He’s the best, look no further!
— A. from Pacifica, CA *
Grateful! What words can adequately describe getting your life back? To be able to get out of bed in the morning with excitement & enthusiasm. To go to work without brain fog. To go home to your young children & with enough energy left to shoulder their needs. To be the mother & spouse you once were, and you knew you were capable of being again? I am so very grateful to Dr. Stagliano. He quickly identified the proper course for me. Healthy. Happy. Grateful.
— L. from San Jose, CA *
Love Live Fit and so will you. Rich is dedicated and present to listen to all your issues, physical and psychological! You will enjoy his approach to good health!
— D. from Richmond, CA *
Dr. Rich is amazing and has forever changed my mindset on nutrition and eating habits. I originally started seeing him after I had my first baby and needed a “”jump start”” to my eating habits and exercise routine. Dr. Rich got me on the right track and the changes made have now been life changes and are incorporated in my entire families daily life. I have continued to stick with these amazing changes through my 2nd pregnancy and couldn’t be happier.

If you are in a rut and need a good jump start - go see Dr. Rich!! You won’t be sorry!!
— R. from Novato, CA *
After years of struggling to find a doctor who I can work with to optimize my health and wellness, I am so happy to have found Dr Rich right here in SF. Standard physical exams were just not working for me, as I have become very focused on being proactive and wanted a more comprehensive approach to my health. It’s awesome to now have someone of his caliber to work with. I would encourage anyone looking to achieve ultra wellness in their own life to give Dr Rich a call.
— D. from Tiburon, CA *

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