My patients weren’t born with perfect genes. They simply learned how to remodel their environment (nutrition, movement, mindset) so the genes they were born with are no longer such an issue. Please note: since all patient encounters are held in the strictest confidence, the testimonials below do not include last names or pictures. In their own words:

Five months ago I consulted with Dr. Rich Stagliano, after a friend in L.A. told me that she called the offices of Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The UltraMind Solution, who told her that the only functional medicine practitioner on the entire West Coast he would recommend was Dr. Stagliano.

At the time I weighed 205 pounds. Today, I have lost over 34 pounds of body fat. My pant size is now a 38 instead of a 44. My diabetes is gone. My percentage of body fat has gone from 34.5% to 21.3%. I now need to lose only another 12 pounds of body fat, so I am almost ¾ the way there. The miraculous diet and wonderful direction and encouragement I am receiving from Dr. Stagliano have provided the opportunity I had dreamed about.

I am 66 years old, but on one day recently six different people commented on how well I was looking. My blood pressure is going down; I am now able to walk up hills and even walked 12 miles on the Fourth of July! My mood and overall health have greatly improved. Dr. Stagliano says that I am doing all the work – but I am able to do all that work because he is providing all the guidance.

I recommend Dr. Stagliano to anyone who cares about the quality of their life. Dr. Stagliano heals the causes, and the symptoms take care of themselves.

Thank you Dr. Stagliano!
— Herschel, San Francisco, CA
After 3+ years of chronic infections and fatigue—and twice as many doctors—Dr. Stagliano figured out what was wrong with me. Better yet, he healed me! I have tons of energy and feel better than I did when I was 20!
— Christine, Berkeley, CA
About one year ago, a friend and mentor of mine died rapidly and unexpectedly. As a result, I took a long look at myself and my life, and made some decisions. One decision was to, finally, learn how to eat healthily and actually do so. I didn’t want another diet. I wanted long term, lifetime changes. My trainer recommended Dr. Rich. And things have worked out, to say the least. He has given me the tools and impetus to use them to make healthy and nutritious choices. The result? I am energetic, super active and in the best shape of my life.
— Andrea, San Francisco, CA
A year ago, I was experiencing severe brain fog and mental lapses. I was desperately afraid that I was loosing my mind. It was difficult to concentrate or remember simple things. This health crisis was affecting every area of my life. I was constantly burning pots and pans and leaving the stove on. One day I walked in front of a car that I should have seen coming and was nearly hit.

On my first visit with Dr. Rich, his genuine concern and his commitment to help me regain my health inspired me and gave me hope. Almost immediately he connected my symptoms with an autoimmune disease I had been diagnosed with in 2004, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

He prescribed a more natural thyroid medication for me and placed me on a strict gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free eating program. Once those changes were made, the results came quickly and were quite dramatic. I have regained my mental clarity and I’m feeling healthier than I have in many years. I am so very grateful to have found Dr. Rich!
— Tatiana, San Francisco, CA
Meeting regularly with Dr. Rich has been very enjoyable and one of the most important steps I’ve ever taken for my health and well-being. Since I first met him four months ago, my cholesterol has dropped from 236 to 177 without changing the tiny dose of statin I was previously taking. I’ve adopted a healthier diet, easily lost 11 pounds of fat (from 20% of body weight to 15%), and my blood pressure, which wasn’t even a target, dropped to ideal levels.

When I first began seeing Dr. Rich, I had serious medical problems and felt that my overall health and fitness were deteriorating. I have now turned that trajectory around 180 degrees. Moreover, Dr. Rich and I not only talked medicine but reviewed all areas of my life related to health—diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, and stress. Those conversations have been catalytic, inspiring me to take action to greatly improve my quality of life.

Dr. Rich is a great listener and is personally very generous, friendly, sensible, creative, and supportive. Through Dr. Rich, I have felt strongly motivated to tackle each of my health issues one-by-one and to renovate other areas of my life that need attention. To assist me, Dr. Rich from time to time recommended experts in exercise and in clutter-control to improve personal efficiency. One thing has led to another, and I’m firmly committed and in action toward even better health and greater efficiency on multiple fronts.
— John, El Cerrito, CA
I have been active most of my life and participating in the sport of triathlon since the year 2000. Even with all the training I was doing I was carrying at least 20 extra pounds that were not participating in any of the work. I decided to see a sports nutritionist and another triathlete suggested Live Fit Medicine. I was interested in losing fat while still maintaining the energy for my active lifestyle.

When I first met with Dr. Rich Stagliano I decided I would do what he told me to do and see what would happen. I started out by just following the guidelines he gave me and applying them to food that I enjoy eating. With his gentle guidance, analysis of what I was eating and suggestions for alternatives, my body fat percentage decreased by 13% in 4 months. I learned about things like nutrient timing with exercise, healthier choices such as brown rice instead of white, and was amazed at the difference these adjustments made.

In addition to changing what I ate and when I ate it, Dr. Rich suggested that I might have some food sensitivities/allergies. I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out about them nor was I sure I would do anything about it if I did. I went ahead with the testing and the big differences started to occur after I started eliminating the offending foods. My energy and ability to focus improved remarkably. My constantly runny nose and need for a daily dose of antihistamines disappeared as did my migraine headaches.

I got a lot more out of my experience with Dr. Rich than body composition improvements. Dr. Rich would point out the health benefits that I achieved like reduced cholesterol and triglycerides, cutting out the need for a daily dose of antihistamines, no more monthly migraines, etc…I was just interested in the race results! Overall I lost 28 pounds of fat and NO lean mass. And the good news is that the fat has stayed off. After 4 months under Dr. Rich’s care, I got onto the winner’s podium and just one year later I had my first ever 1st place finish in a triathlon. I’m getting faster in my 50’s!
— Brenda, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Rich is an awesome, conscientious doctor who truly cares about his patients - which can be very hard to find in this day and age. His practice focuses on optimizing patient wellness instead of just trying to deal with sickness after it’s too late. He is a wonderful doctor with a great “bedside manner” who genuinely cares about his patients! Very organized, professional, and caring!
— Vanessa, San Diego, CA
I have had stomach “problems” for what seems to be my entire adult life. I really cannot remember when it started, but know that it’s something that I had come to accept as my “normal”. At various times I tried to track what I ate to see if there was any connection to food, but never really stuck with it or felt like I figured it out. I actually found myself avoiding some trips and staying overnight with people because I was fearful of having a really bad stomach and needing the bathroom. As an avid athlete, I was also finding my energy levels were up and down and along with my stomach, I really struggled with nutrition during long workouts.

Through the referral of a friend, I started seeing Dr. Rich in February this year. I immediately found that he was not a “normal” doctor as he took more time with me than anyone I had ever worked with before. He took the time to really understand what was going on in my life as well as do some pretty significant analysis and testing before attempting any diagnosis. He also is one of the first doctors I’ve worked with that did not try to prescribe medication to “fix” my stomach. This was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It was really hard work, something I had to be very dedicated and honest about and was not an overnight fix.

It’s now been about 4.5 months and I’m happy to share that I have a truly “normal” stomach, a consistent level of energy, and a whole new perspective on food as fuel for my body. I am eating a gluten and egg free diet and have found that with some extra preparation and planning, it’s really not that bad. It’s been an adjustment to my lifestyle and eating habits, but the reward of feeling so good has absolutely been worth it.

I recently completed my first race of the season and for the first time I did not spend my morning worrying, or in line at the port-o-potties! I was able to eat prior to the race as well as during my race without any problems whatsoever!! The investment I made with Dr. Rich was well worth it!
— Lee, San Diego, CA
When I came to see Dr. Rich I was feeling less than optimal. I knew I needed to lose some weight and adopt a plan that was not just the latest fad diet. I was a middle aged Mom and a busy executive who travelled for work frequently. I appreciated Dr. Rich’s warm and practical approach and his knowledge and sensitivity to me and my situation.

He spent the time getting to know me as a person and began helping me understand how to remove the barriers and obstacles that seemed to get in my way. I got on a plan, met with him weekly and we tracked my progress and I always left his office encouraged and inspired.

He is bright, funny, compassionate and insightful. He is an “out of the box” physician, who really partners with you on your success. I highly recommend Dr. Rich. He changed my life in many great ways. I eat better, exercise regularly, have increased my knowledge about food and nutrition and have lost over 20 lbs. this year in a healthy and sustainable way. Live Fit Medicine is well worth the investment in your health and well- being!
— Maureen, Mill Valley, CA
Seeing Dr. Stagliano has literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with a form of arthritis at age 18 and the various rheumatologists I have seen all reached consistent treatment conclusions - a life long course of anti-inflammatory medicine combined with acid reflux medicine to counter the effects of the first drug. My only choice according to “conventional” medicine was back pain now or stomach issues later. Tolerating back pain now meant risking significant damage to my spine over time. The rheumatologists either brushed off the stomach issues from the medication or didn’t bring it up at all. Nevertheless, I was seeing the effects on my dad who has the same condition and had been on a similar cocktail for years.

Enter Rich. Rich has great respect for his colleagues in the medical profession and was eager to coordinate with my current rheumatologist (who is great a great Doc and fairly open-minded) in working on my case. Through Rich’s measured, comprehensive approach to investigating my medical issues, he was able to suggest a few simple and safe changes for me to try. Nothing crazy, just well-researched dietary changes. My rheumatologist went along with it but was skeptical. Turns out that one of the dietary changes Dr. Rich suggested has had a dramatic positive impact on the symptoms of my arthritis and significantly improved my condition. I couldn’t believe it.

I have since stopped taking all medication and my arthritis is under control. As a Doc, Rich is great to work with. He truly pays attention to his patients, shows tremendous professionalism and is dedicated to helping you follow through with whatever plan you are comfortable with. He’ll never push you to do something you’re not 100% OK with but he will stay on you if you’re falling behind on something that has proven to be beneficial to you! Even though we have seemingly addressed the issue I originally came to see Rich about, I value his opinion as a medical professional and continue to update him on my condition. Rich is great about staying in touch and hasn’t written me off although I am no longer a regular patient.
— Sean, San Francisco, CA
As I approached my 50th birthday, I decided to address some ongoing problems that I was having with my health. First, I was exhausted all the time and no amount of sleep seemed to help. Second, I wanted to understand food better, and set aside any incorrect knowledge. I had about 20 pounds to lose, and I wasn’t making progress although I was at the gym 3 days a week. Third, if possible, I wanted to get off of my blood pressure medication.

Dr. Rich talked with me about my goals, evaluated my eating and exercise routine, as well as the medications that I was taking. He worked with me to improve my diet and suggested some changes in my exercise regimen. He helped me to make the changes become a permanent part of the way that I live. He was always encouraging and took a positive approach to helping me stay motivated and on track to achieve my goals.

Within three months, I have permanently changed the way I eat and think about food. I have my energy back, which feels like a miracle in itself! I feel good all day long. I have lost almost 12 pounds of fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle. I’ve already dropped 2 dress sizes and I’m confident that I can keep making progress. My primary care physician agreed that I can stop taking my blood pressure medication because that is no longer a problem. I am so happy about the progress I have made and I can’t recommend Dr. Rich highly enough!
— Monica, Hayward, CA
Since my early twenties I have experienced constant stomach problems that included gas, cramping, pain, constipation, and diarrhea. It seemed there was no pattern or specific food that would trigger the symptoms. The only time I felt good was if I did not eat, but that clearly was not an option!

I exercise daily and have since the age of 5. My husband met Dr. Rich while working out at the gym. After seeing Dr. Rich himself for a body composition overview, he suggested I see Dr. Rich. I waited 2 months and then reluctantly went to Dr Rich. I had seen my general doctor the previous year who ran tests and found no problem or reason for my symptoms.

I initially met with Dr Rich for an hour and a half. This was already quite different than meeting with my general doctor who had me in and out of the office in less then 15 minutes. We reviewed my history in detail and agreed that I would eliminate dairy and gluten from my diet as well as run some tests. The tests came back and I was almost completely deficient in Vitamin D. Dr. Rich suggested I started taking Vitamin D, fish oil, a probiotic and a multi-vitamin. Within about 1 week of taking the vitamins and being on the dairy and gluten free diet my symptoms were gone!

Two weeks into my dairy and gluten free diet I reintroduced dairy and still had no symptoms! The introduction of gluten can cause some of the old symptoms to return so I simply eliminate whenever possible but not entirely. I still continue to take my vitamins and most of my days are pain free. Dr. Rich still makes himself available if I have any follow up questions. I appreciate the time he took while I was in the office with him and for finding a healthy solution to my problems after 20 years!
— Denise, Novato, CA
After many years of vigorous physical activity, but increasing weight gain, I went to see Dr. Rich. He completely re-oriented my approach to health and wellness by teaching me the value of building lean muscle, and the importance of healthy eating as a path to weight management, rather than merely cutting calories. As a result, I have enjoyed both eating and working out a great deal more.

My range of food choices has increased, to include more protein rich foods, and my range of physical activity has increased to include more weight training, in addition to my beloved aerobic work outs. The end result is more fun, and infinitely more effective. Dr. Rich’s personalized program and engaging style gives his patients the tools to manage independently, while at the same time providing the support and advice needed to adopt new methods and stay on track.

Information is power, and Dr. Rich empowers his patients to make the best decisions for long lasting health, wellness, and enjoyable lives.
— Paula, San Francisco, CA
After my children were born, I found it hard to lose weight despite maintaing a healthy diet. And, as a full-time working mother, I had a lot of stress, little time, and minimal sleep. When I initially met with Dr. Rich to discuss losing weight, he opened my eyes to a whole new realization that all of these factors were causing not just weight retention, but also other conditions that my doctors dismissed or told me would be cured by taking birth control pills.

I had no idea how poor my overall health really was, and what a significant role the foods I ate and the frequency with which I ate them played. Dr. Rich worked with me to identify the cause of the problem, and tailored a program specific to my nutritional needs. He also provided exercise and stress-reduction suggestions that fit within my busy life style. I lost weight immediately, and my other symptoms disappeared as well.

Working with Dr. Rich has been an unbelievably fascinating and enlightening experience, and I feel so fortunate to have gained so much knowledge that has helped me to take better care of myself as well as my family.
— Katya, San Francisco, CA
At age 3, my daughter Rachel was diagnosed with migraine headaches. At age 7, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began to rapidly gain weight despite taking thyroid medication. By age 14 1/2, Rachel was depressed, obese, and had migraine headaches 28 of 30 days a month. She went from a straight-A student to a student with fluctuating grades, little energy and rapid mood swings.

Despite being treated by world-renowned specialists, Rachel’s symptoms only worsened. She felt hopeless. Thankfully, we consulted with Dr. Rich. Dr. Rich immediately offered hope, and showed genuine concern for Rachel. Dr. Rich didn’t blame Rachel for being obese. He didn’t tell Rachel that she’d feel better if she’d just lose weight. Instead, Dr. Rich looked for alternate causes and solutions that traditional medicine did not offer. Dr. Rich listened to Rachel and was available for Rachel and us, her parents.

At age 15 1/2, Rachel is HAPPY and HEALTHY! Rachel’s other doctors are STUNNED! They can’t believe she is the same patient they’ve been treating for years! She has lost over 70 pounds and is now “normal” weight for her height. She can’t even recall the last time she suffered a migraine headache!

Dr. Rich has given Rachel the opportunity to ENJOY life! He discovered Rachel is gluten intolerant, and has other food sensitivities. Rachel is no longer on synthroid, but takes Nature-Throid (a natural thyroid hormone replacement). Her thyroid function tests have normalized, and her thyroid anti-bodies are less than half of what they were. Rachel no longer takes medication to “prevent” migraines because she no longer gets them! She is hopeful, and full of energy. She is once again, a straight-A student, but now she not only has energy to study, but also the energy to exercise daily, and participate in extra-curricular activities. In the past month alone there have been at least 10 people who haven’t seen Rachel in a while who have ALL been in awe of the transformation in her! “I didn’t recognize her/you!” they say. Some have even been moved to tears!

If you are tired of feeling tired. If you’re a parent or a teenager thinking there’s got to be someone who can help, there is! His name is Dr. Richard Stagliano! He is compassionate, wise, knowledgeable, gifted and yet, humble.

Thank you, Dr. Rich!
— Patricia, Blue Bell, PA
The biggest shift in my health occurred when I started working with Dr. Rich. For reasonable money he ran several important tests that helped me understand my body composition, food sensitivities, and general digestive issues. From there, he customized a diet and supplement plan while also supporting me in completing a career that was no longer serving me psychologically and physically.

The end result was my chronic psoriasis went into remission and since that time, I have been experiencing exceptional health and vitality. Functional medicine is an emerging path to solving the health care mess in this country, by empowering people to understand their bodies and take control of their health.
— Brendan, Mill Valley, CA
It sounds dramatic, but I’ll write it anyways… Dr. Rich, simply put, saved my life. I walked into his office with a completely different perception of what it meant to be healthy and a very fleeting sense of what it meant to be happy.

As a person who was not necessarily fat, I was most definitely uncomfortable with my body – something that continually affected my self esteem and was on my mind most every hour of every day. I was convinced I ate just fine and was chock full of excuses of why with my lifestyle would not mesh with any new program. Too much business travel. Too much entertaining of clients. Too busy with kids and work to get the exercise I needed to right the ship. Too much everything.

As a former collegiate soccer player, I had never needed to worry about any of this. And yet years later, being in a bathing suit is something I refused to do and trying on clothes was absolutely depressing.

It was almost two years ago that I first met Rich. From the moment I sat down with him, every single thing he said made sense – both scientifically and emotionally. The way he explained how the human body works and why exactly the scale said what it did with me was undeniable.

When people ask me about my diet, I tell them that I’m not on one. When people ask me about when I am going to be done being vigilant about my eating and exercise habits I tell them that it is now a part of me, that there is no time limit or clock.

When I wake up in the morning, I still (try to) pinch myself to remember that this is the new me. And it won’t go away, mostly because I won’t let it. I’ve dropped nearly 30 pounds – almost all of which is body fat – and I weigh less than what I weighed at the peak of my athletic career. This with a full time job, two children and a demanding, active and hectic life. It’s possible.

As I told a friend who I referred to Rich last week – he’s part doctor, part therapist, part friend, part counselor, part mirror, part psychic and all heart. He will change your life, you just have to do your part.
— Cori, Mill Valley, CA
I would say that I have always been slightly overweight and struggled with weight problems since my early teens. I am totally motivated and in all other areas of my life I always saw results when I worked hard but weight loss was one battle that I never managed to win no matter how much exercise and diet plans I put myself through.

I then met Dr. Stagliano and my life changed from there. I must say that in the beginning it was very hard and the results were not as fast as expected but Dr. Stagliano’s positive encouragement and very close and careful personalization of my diet and exercise regime started to pay off after a couple of months and I lost over 20 pounds of body fat in the first 4 months.

I then moved to Asia but kept the most important parts of the regime in place, without it being at all constraining to my everyday life. It is now 8 months since I initially started the diet and have now reached the body shape that I desire, I feel so much more confident and it affects all other parts of my life. The point is that I am continuing to lose weight in a healthy manner without stressing about many constraints in the way I eat or in my daily routine given I am also starting my own company and this takes so much of my time.

I want to say that Dr. Stagliano has been the first and only person that helped me through this change. His trust and the initial listening to the hurdles that I could not overcome and fitting the plan to my everyday needs was what made his regime best for me. It has been so great to have his support all through this journey, even if from the other side of the world!
— B, San Francisco, CA

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