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The way Dr. Stagliano works with patients differs considerably from the conventional medical model you may be used to. The first thing to understand about working with Dr. Stagliano is that he always treats the root cause of health issues, not the symptoms.  Before designing your customized treatment plan, his first goal will be to figure out what underlying issues are causing or exacerbating your symptoms. To that end, your customized program will be broken up into two stages, the investigative stage (your initial evaluation) and your treatment program. Throughout the process Dr. Stagliano will act as your medical consultant/detective, health educator and coach in order to empower you in your quest for optimal health. Whatever the causes of your health concerns, together you will seek to identify and correct them so that you can achieve your health goals.

    Your First Visit: A Comprehensive Initial Evaluation (2 hours – In Person)

    This is primarily an information gathering and sharing session to make sure Dr. Stagliano has all the information needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the many factors that may be affecting your health. Prior to coming in for your initial evaluation you will be asked to fill out several detailed health questionnaires, as well as upload any prior medical records/lab results you would like Dr. Stagliano to review (to be submitted at least 5 days before your appointment). It includes the following:

    • Detailed conversation and review of your health story and an extensive review of your medical, nutrition and exercise history, eating behaviors and lifestyle. 
    • Determination of your health and wellness goals
    • Body composition (body fat) measurement using a state-of-the-art bioelectrical impedance scale
    • Lab test recommendations: conventional labs as well as specialized testing to help identity the underlying causes of your symptoms and any potential impediments to optimal health (such as food sensitivities, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, toxins, hormone imbalances and digestive disorders). Dr. Stagliano will want to get an in-depth understanding of your unique biochemistry and physiology in order to customize your treatment plan. 

    In this first meeting, Dr. Stagliano will discuss potential approaches to improve your health and will make some initial recommendations. Additional advice and further customization of your plan will be provided at your follow up visits, after lab results have been received and there has been time to thoughtfully consider all aspects of your case.

    Please Note: Dr. Stagliano’s medical license requires that this first visit be in person and he also believes there is no substitute for the initial doctor-patient connection.

    Treatment Programs: Optimize and Transform

    At your initial evaluation, Dr. Stagliano will recommend one of his two programs based on his assessment of your case: Optimize or Transform. They both include the same core elements, but differ in the frequency of follow-up consultations that will be scheduled every 2-8 weeks depending on your condition and goals. While Dr. Stagliano prefers to meet in person, these follow-ups can be scheduled as video or phone consultations. You will decide with Dr. Stagliano in the initial evaluation which of the programs makes the most sense for you depending on the complexity of your condition(s) and your goals. Your test results will be reviewed with you in detail at your first follow-up visit and Dr. Stagliano will use them to further customize your treatment plan. 

    Each customized treatment plan includes the following core elements:  

    • Bio-nutrition. Food is medicine. Learning to incorporate foods that nourish and support both body and brain is just part of our nutrition prescription; the other is identifying and avoiding foods that may be causing you harm. The reason you could not follow that “healthy” diet or it did not work for you, but it did for your friend? Perhaps it was not healthy for your unique genetic composition and environment. Everyone is unique, and a diet that is right for one may be completely wrong for another.
    • Extensive review of lab results. Get an in-depth understanding of your unique physiology using conventional lab work as well as specialized functional tests.
    • Customized supplement plan. Based on your lab test results and designed to correct any imbalances, we will prescribe only what your body needs and nothing more.
    •  A customized, efficient exercise program. We will develop this together based on your fitness goals, schedule, and the types of activities you enjoy. You will get more results in less time
    • Body composition measurements. Ensure that all of the changes to your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are leading to the desired effect on your body composition—more muscle, less fat.
    • Plan for weaning off prescription medications (if appropriate).  Medications rarely address the cause of your condition - they usually just treat the symptoms and cause unwanted side effects. We will aim to wean you partially or totally off of them whenever feasible. 
    • Stress management/reduction techniques. Excessive stress has a negative effect on your health. We will help you learn to better recognize and manage stress and recommend specific strategies to help you push the "pause button" and unwind. You'll not only have greater peace of mind and more energy, but your entire system will respond more positively.

    What to expect when working with Dr. Stagliano

    • We will create an action plan with things for you to do between consultations and refine as appropriate. Following each visit you will receive a detailed action plan. Dr. Stagliano will give you simple steps to take, things to think about and consider, and resources to explore before your next consultation. You will implement and report back with what is working and what needs adjustment.
    • We will make changes that work for you and your life.  Some patients come ready to completely change their lifestyle and habits, other need more time. While Dr. Stagliano will challenge you to reach outside of your comfort zone, you will work together to figure out what changes and timeline are most realistic for you. Even small changes can have a big influence on your health and often lead to a snowball effect as you start to see and feel their impact.
    • We will focus on natural, non-invasive treatments. While Dr. Stagliano does use prescription medications when indicated, he’ll primarily use natural modalities including whole-foods-based nutrition (your first and best medicine), supplements, effective exercise, lifestyle modification, stress reduction techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. All are key components of your overall health and work in concert with each other to bring your mind and body back into balance.
    • We will not count calories. Dr. Stagliano will give you specific dietary recommendations, but won’t make you count calories. The proportion and quality of the calories you eat are much more important than exact quantities. He’ll teach you how to make good choices and stick to reasonable portions, but your life won’t be ruled by the calculator.
    • We will carefully track your progress with everything from symptom questionnaires to body composition (body fat) measurements to repeat blood tests.
    • You will be an ally and partner in the process. Dr. Stagliano will share his knowledge with you as well as help you brainstorm to find your own solutions, however, you are ultimately the "CEO" of your long-term health. You will need to be an active participant in the transformation of your health to ensure you get results and that they stick for the long haul.

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