How Live Fit Medicine is Different

I founded Live Fit Medicine 10 years ago to serve patients who are frustrated or dissatisfied with the care they are receiving in the conventional medical system and who are interested in getting to the underlying root cause of their health issues, not just suppressing their symptoms with short term, “band-aid” solutions. 

My ultimate goal for my patients is to help them get back on a lifelong path of optimal health. To that end, my approach stands apart from conventional medicine in the following ways:



Whole-person approach to optimal health

I believe health is much more than merely the absence of disease. It’s the state of optimal vitality that allows you to live life to it’s fullest. Unfortunately, today’s health care system would be better describe as a “sick care” system. Rather than focusing on prevention and building optimal health, the system typically waits for problems to manifest and then reacts to them as they occur with recommendations for medications and procedures. I take a more holistic view, examining how the physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life may be affecting your overall health. All of these areas are inter-related and need to be addressed if optimal health is to be obtained.


Individualized and patient centered care

Through my conventional medical training, I learned to implement relatively standardized “one-size-fits-all” treatment protocols where patients with the same disease generally got the same treatment, regardless of their differences. In contrast, Functional Medicine recognizes that an individual’s unique internal and biochemical makeup, medical history, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, and environment play a significant role in the development and progression of complex diseases and chronic conditions. Today, I take all these factors into account and treat the person who has the disease instead of the disease the person has. My treatment recommendations are highly individualized as every patient has a unique blueprint for health. 


Root cause analysis

At the core of Functional Medicine is a drive to understand “why is there a problem” rather than “what is the problem”. Chronic illness is not something that one “catches” but rather it is primarily an outcome of imbalances or dysfunction in key underlying systems in your physiology as well as your psychology. In my work with patients, I focus on identifying these root causes of disease, with the objective of eliminating not only the symptoms, but also the underlying problem.  Instead of prescribing a quick fix to a patient’s symptoms, I seek to to treat the whole system - mind and body - in order to bring health back into balance.


Natural, non-invasive treatment

Most of my patients do not need another pill, they need a diet and lifestyle prescription.  I believe when you mask or repress symptoms with medication, you force them underground, potentially causing even greater health issues down the road. Better to dissolve them once and for all by identifying and addressing the root causes. Though I occasionally use medication, I primarily focus on natural modalities including whole-foods-based nutrition (your first and best medicine), sleep, supplements, effective exercise, lifestyle modification, stress reduction techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. All are key components of your overall health and work in concert with each other to bring your mind and body back into balance.


Collaborative Partnership

In contrast to the brief time I spent with my patients in the ER, I now spend many hours with each patient listening to their stories and examining all factors that could be affecting their health, and then I work with them to design a highly individualized treatment plan that takes into account their needs, goals and preferences. As doctor, I am not “better” or smarter than my patients and I never place myself on a pedestal above them. I believe that their intuition is trustworthy and that the most effective and satisfying doctor-patient relationship is a collaborative partnership.


Cutting edge diagnostics & interpretations

I use the latest diagnostic testing to look for deficiencies and imbalances and when reviewing lab tests seek optimal ranges, rather than “normal” values. I also take advantage of the latest advances in medicine to personalize a treatment plan for each patient. That said, just because its cutting-edge, does not mean I use it. I fall on the conservative end of Functional Medicine and believe strongly in using proven, evidence-based treatments and diagnostic testing.



Is my practice right for you?

I only take on a small number of new patients each month so that I can give each of my patients the time, attention and individualized care they deserve. Therefore, it is important that prospective patients understand the following about my practice so that they can make an informed choice when deciding to work with me: 


A Functional Medicine approach takes time: Figuring out what underlying issues are causing or exacerbating symptoms requires some investigative detective work because the answers are not always obvious. In addition, habits, patterns and complex/chronic health conditions do not develop overnight and typically are not resolved in a day, a week, or even a month. At the end of my initial evaluation phase, I ask that patients commit to working together on a program basis so that we have time to implement changes, work through resistance or difficulties and uncover the root cause of what is going on with your health. 

I am a Functional Medicine generalist who leans towards the conservative end of Functional Medicine: There are certain conditions that I do not treat and treatments that I do not offer such as bio-identical hormones, IV therapies, or heavy metal detoxification. Please see here for more information on the conditions I see most frequently in my practice. 

A Functional Medicine approach requires a patient’s active participation and willingness to change their diet, activity level and lifestyle (at least as a temporary experiment): I have a deep understanding of the conventional approaches used to treat chronic diseases and can (and occasionally do) prescribe medication when they make sense for a patient, however, my treatment recommendations will focus on natural modalities (diet, exercise, nutrition, sleep, supplements and stress management/lifestyle modification). A patient’s success in working with me will be dependent on their active participation in the process and willingness to adjust their lifestyle and habits. These changes may be minor as even minor changes can have a significant impact on health, but some patients may need a major overhaul. I work with patients to design a plan that is realistic and adjust it as we see appropriate, but the level of results they see and the time it takes to get there will be highly dependent on their consistent commitment to the plan. 

My practice does not accept medical insurance: Unfortunately, the majority of what is done by a Functional Medicine practitioner is not covered by traditional medical insurance. As such, my patients must be willing to invest in their health above and beyond what their insurance may cover (which is usually little to none). Please see here for more information on my financial policy. 

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