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A year ago, I was experiencing severe brain fog and mental lapses. I was desperately afraid that I was loosing my mind. It was difficult to concentrate or remember simple things. This health crisis was affecting every area of my life. I was constantly burning pots and pans and leaving the stove on. One day I walked in front of a car that I should have seen coming and was nearly hit.

On my first visit with Dr. Rich, his genuine concern and his commitment to help me regain my health inspired me and gave me hope. Almost immediately he connected my symptoms with an autoimmune disease I had been diagnosed with in 2004, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

He prescribed a more natural thyroid medication for me and placed me on a strict gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free eating program. Once those changes were made, the results came quickly and were quite dramatic. I have regained my mental clarity and I’m feeling healthier than I have in many years. I am so very grateful to have found Dr. Rich!
— T. from San Francisco, CA
At age 3, my daughter Rachel was diagnosed with migraine headaches. At age 7, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began to rapidly gain weight despite taking thyroid medication. By age 14 1/2, Rachel was depressed, obese, and had migraine headaches 28 of 30 days a month. She went from a straight-A student to a student with fluctuating grades, little energy and rapid mood swings.

Despite being treated by world-renowned specialists, Rachel’s symptoms only worsened. She felt hopeless. Thankfully, we consulted with Dr. Rich. Dr. Rich immediately offered hope, and showed genuine concern for Rachel. Dr. Rich didn’t blame Rachel for being obese. He didn’t tell Rachel that she’d feel better if she’d just lose weight. Instead, Dr. Rich looked for alternate causes and solutions that traditional medicine did not offer. Dr. Rich listened to Rachel and was available for Rachel and us, her parents.

At age 15 1/2, Rachel is HAPPY and HEALTHY! Rachel’s other doctors are STUNNED! They can’t believe she is the same patient they’ve been treating for years! She has lost over 70 pounds and is now “normal” weight for her height. She can’t even recall the last time she suffered a migraine headache!

Dr. Rich has given Rachel the opportunity to ENJOY life! He discovered Rachel is gluten intolerant, and has other food sensitivities. Rachel is no longer on synthroid, but takes Nature-Throid (a natural thyroid hormone replacement). Her thyroid function tests have normalized, and her thyroid anti-bodies are less than half of what they were. Rachel no longer takes medication to “prevent” migraines because she no longer gets them! She is hopeful, and full of energy. She is once again, a straight-A student, but now she not only has energy to study, but also the energy to exercise daily, and participate in extra-curricular activities. In the past month alone there have been at least 10 people who haven’t seen Rachel in a while who have ALL been in awe of the transformation in her! “I didn’t recognize her/you!” they say. Some have even been moved to tears!

If you are tired of feeling tired. If you’re a parent or a teenager thinking there’s got to be someone who can help, there is! His name is Dr. Rich Stagliano! He is compassionate, wise, knowledgeable, gifted and yet, humble.

Thank you, Dr. Rich!
— P. from San Francisco, CA
Knowledge + Care = Results. I have a hypothyroid autoimmune condition. One of my main concerns was my inability to lose weight despite strong efforts for over a year (incl. strict Paleo). Dr. Stagliano helped me devise a very personalized nutrition, meds/supplement and workout plan, and in 3 months I have already lost 22lbs. Dr. Stagliano has a very holistic approach to health, including being very intentional about stress management. I have also found him to be a very caring and thoughtful person, and highly recommend him.
— N. from San Francisco, CA *
I’ve struggled with the highs and lows of thyroid disorder for years. It’s been a journey and a lesson in listening to the deepest parts of who I am in order to seek out those who have a different approach to healing. Dr. Rich has been a true miracle in this way! I came to him having already given up inflammatory foods like gluten and cow dairy. Dr. Rich has taken me to the next level, which is exactly what I wanted when I walked through his door.

Today, my TSH, T3, T4 are within normal range. My thyroid antibody numbers are decreasing and I feel great! Dr. Rich put me on Nature-Throid and has me dedicated to a paleo diet. I can also talk to him about visualization and the power of the mind over our health. Dr. Rich is informative, intelligent, and deeply caring. I now have a Doctor who knows that food heals if we give our bodies what they need. Medicine should not be about writing a prescription and sending a patient on their way. Disease starts at the root. Dr. Rich has helped me get back to the root of the cause and I’m much healthier for it. I’m living fit — and I love it. YES!!! Thank you!
— M. from Santa Barbara, CA*
Seeing Dr. Stagliano has literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with a form of arthritis at age 18 and the various rheumatologists I have seen all reached consistent treatment conclusions - a life long course of anti-inflammatory medicine combined with acid reflux medicine to counter the effects of the first drug. My only choice according to “conventional” medicine was back pain now or stomach issues later. Tolerating back pain now meant risking significant damage to my spine over time. The rheumatologists either brushed off the stomach issues from the medication or didn’t bring it up at all. Nevertheless, I was seeing the effects on my dad who has the same condition and had been on a similar cocktail for years.

Enter Rich. Rich has great respect for his colleagues in the medical profession and was eager to coordinate with my current rheumatologist (who is great a great Doc and fairly open-minded) in working on my case. Through Rich’s measured, comprehensive approach to investigating my medical issues, he was able to suggest a few simple and safe changes for me to try. Nothing crazy, just well-researched dietary changes. My rheumatologist went along with it but was skeptical. Turns out that one of the dietary changes Dr. Rich suggested has had a dramatic positive impact on the symptoms of my arthritis and significantly improved my condition. I couldn’t believe it.

I have since stopped taking all medication and my arthritis is under control. As a Doc, Rich is great to work with. He truly pays attention to his patients, shows tremendous professionalism and is dedicated to helping you follow through with whatever plan you are comfortable with. He’ll never push you to do something you’re not 100% OK with but he will stay on you if you’re falling behind on something that has proven to be beneficial to you! Even though we have seemingly addressed the issue I originally came to see Rich about, I value his opinion as a medical professional and continue to update him on my condition. Rich is great about staying in touch and hasn’t written me off although I am no longer a regular patient.
— S. from San Francisco, CA
The biggest shift in my health occurred when I started working with Dr. Rich. For reasonable money he ran several important tests that helped me understand my body composition, food sensitivities, and general digestive issues. From there, he customized a diet and supplement plan while also supporting me in completing a career that was no longer serving me psychologically and physically.

The end result was my chronic psoriasis went into remission and since that time, I have been experiencing exceptional health and vitality. Functional medicine is an emerging path to solving the health care mess in this country, by empowering people to understand their bodies and take control of their health.
— B. from Mill Valley, CA*
A true healer. I had seen countless doctors and been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders, but never found relief. Until this year, Dr. Stagliano changed my life. Dr. Rich’s positive attitude is infectious. He has encouraged me to help my body heal naturally-through diet, exercise and mindfulness and rely less on prescription medication. He is extremely accessible, responsive, and supportive in times of need. I highly recommend working with him. I am so thankful to have found him.
— S. from San Francisco, CA

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