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I have had stomach “problems” for what seems to be my entire adult life. I really cannot remember when it started, but know that it’s something that I had come to accept as my “normal”. At various times I tried to track what I ate to see if there was any connection to food, but never really stuck with it or felt like I figured it out. I actually found myself avoiding some trips and staying overnight with people because I was fearful of having a really bad stomach and needing the bathroom. As an avid athlete, I was also finding my energy levels were up and down and along with my stomach, I really struggled with nutrition during long workouts.

Through the referral of a friend, I started seeing Dr. Rich in February this year. I immediately found that he was not a “normal” doctor as he took more time with me than anyone I had ever worked with before. He took the time to really understand what was going on in my life as well as do some pretty significant analysis and testing before attempting any diagnosis. He also is one of the first doctors I’ve worked with that did not try to prescribe medication to “fix” my stomach. This was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It was really hard work, something I had to be very dedicated and honest about and was not an overnight fix.

It’s now been about 4.5 months and I’m happy to share that I have a truly “normal” stomach, a consistent level of energy, and a whole new perspective on food as fuel for my body. I am eating a gluten and egg free diet and have found that with some extra preparation and planning, it’s really not that bad. It’s been an adjustment to my lifestyle and eating habits, but the reward of feeling so good has absolutely been worth it.

I recently completed my first race of the season and for the first time I did not spend my morning worrying, or in line at the port-o-potties! I was able to eat prior to the race as well as during my race without any problems whatsoever!! The investment I made with Dr. Rich was well worth it!
— L. from San Diego, CA
Fantastic Practitioner. I have been working with Dr. Stagliano for the past 4 months now. He has been warm, inviting, patient, and best of all attentive the unique and nuanced complications of my personal health issues. He is super knowledgeable of the functional medicine field and gut health issues in particular. I have gotten in 4 months what took me nearly a decade to try to understand on my own and finally feel like my gut is moving towards healing. Highly recommended!
— D. from Richmond, CA
I have no words to describe how immensely grateful I am to Dr. Rich. He gave me my life back and thanks to him, I am now able to live and enjoy life as it should be! My story is a long one but I’ll try to make it short. I’ve had gastrointestinal problems for as long as I can remember - and that’s more than 30 years. Throughout the years I’ve seen dozens of doctors- from gastroenterologists, to naturopaths to allergists and psychiatrists, you name it. No one was able to help me and in the past 5 years my problems became so bad that I was feeling extremely ill practically every day of my life.

After visiting some of the best doctors in the West Coast and after having some of the most horrible “exams” and procedures done to me with no relief, I’d had enough. I lost “faith” completely in medicine and realized that if I wanted to feel better, I was going to have to find a solution myself. I read dozens of books and researched online and realized that one of the missing links had to be my nutrition - although my previous Doctors had said otherwise. After trying several “diets”, I finally found one that gave me a little bit of relief, but I realized that if I really wanted to feel better and normal, I would need someone to help me. That’s when I randomly found Dr. Rich online - it really was a miracle.

Although it took several months for me to really start feeling better, Dr. Rich was always there to patiently explain things to me as well as to offer support. Not only does he have the best bedside manner I have ever encountered, but he is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. If you ever find yourself looking for a solution to a health problem, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rich, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Dr. Rich! I’ll be forever grateful to you.
— L. from Walnut Creek, CA*
I was looking for a functional medicine practitioner when I found Dr. Rich, among others. After a free consultation, my instincts told me that he would be the practitioner who would be knowledgeable enough to cure my discomforts. I felt that his calm energy and caring bedside manner would do me a world of good.

My three general complaints were digestion discomfort, inflammation in my joints and lack of energy. He documented my life-long medical time line and we discovered that my stomach problems began in 1994 when I took an anti-fungal at the direction of an allergy doctor. From a digestive test, Dr. Rich ascertained what bacteria was missing from my gut. The special probiotic he prescribed has led to my digestion being 100% better. I can eat anything - but I don’t because Dr. Rich also taught me about eating more healthy, exercising regularly and how to approach my life from a healthier perspective. My energy is up and the inflammation is down as a result of conscious eating and supplements. My approach towards what life presents to me has shifted.

Dr. Rich has more expertise to offer than what you think you are coming in for. He has been refreshing and a nice surprise in a world of physicians who claim that they can “”cure”” you. I plan on keeping him in my life over the years as a health partner and coach.
— R. from Oakland, CA*
Dr. Rich is a wealth of knowledge and has been an immensely valuable resource to me. Functional medicine was a completely novel concept to me before I came to Dr. Rich. However, after my experience with him, I feel that I can comfortably recommend this practice and specifically Dr. Rich to my friends and family. He was able to quickly identify my digestive issues and consult me on how to adjust my eating habits and prescribe a solution that has been very effective. I have a great deal more energy now and feel great. I am very glad that I decided to take a consultation with Dr. Rich and I wish I had done so sooner.
— C. from San Francisco, CA
I was struggling with some serious digestive issues when a friend recommended Dr. Rich. At our first appointment, Dr. Rich listened attentively and to my present situation and past history and helped me understand what might be happening in my whole body. Through a comprehensive stool test, blood testing, and stress management, he helped set me on the right course. After a couple sessions, I had a game plan for how to feel better. There are few doctors who focus on stress and its effects on the body in such a comprehensive way, and Dr. Rich offers practical ways to deal with stress as well as affirmation regarding how it can affect the entire body/mind/spirit. I continue to be on my way to better and better health.
— Z. from San Francisco, CA*
Dr. Rich changed my life! He was able to figure out and solve my digestive issues that other gastroenteroligists could not. I was referred by a friend/patient of his, and have paid it forward by referring others who all got relief. Things changed after I recently had a baby, so I visited him for the second time. My insurance didn’t cover any of it, but the relief is priceless and worth every penny!!! I’ll go back again in another 2 years if need be :)
— J. from Tiburon, CA
Since my early twenties I have experienced constant stomach problems that included gas, cramping, pain, constipation, and diarrhea. It seemed there was no pattern or specific food that would trigger the symptoms. The only time I felt good was if I did not eat, but that clearly was not an option!

I exercise daily and have since the age of 5. My husband met Dr. Rich while working out at the gym. After seeing Dr. Rich himself for a body composition overview, he suggested I see Dr. Rich. I waited 2 months and then reluctantly went to Dr Rich. I had seen my general doctor the previous year who ran tests and found no problem or reason for my symptoms.

I initially met with Dr Rich for an hour and a half. This was already quite different than meeting with my general doctor who had me in and out of the office in less then 15 minutes. We reviewed my history in detail and agreed that I would eliminate dairy and gluten from my diet as well as run some tests. The tests came back and I was almost completely deficient in Vitamin D. Dr. Rich suggested I started taking Vitamin D, fish oil, a probiotic and a multi-vitamin. Within about 1 week of taking the vitamins and being on the dairy and gluten free diet my symptoms were gone!

Two weeks into my dairy and gluten free diet I reintroduced dairy and still had no symptoms! The introduction of gluten can cause some of the old symptoms to return so I simply eliminate whenever possible but not entirely. I still continue to take my vitamins and most of my days are pain free. Dr. Rich still makes himself available if I have any follow up questions. I appreciate the time he took while I was in the office with him and for finding a healthy solution to my problems after 20 years!
— D. from Novato

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